NFPAN provides unique services to foster parents

By Juli Oberlander

More than 6,000 Nebraska children live in foster care. Of those children, more than 900 wait for foster families. To help foster children, many Nebraska nonprofits offer resources, such as the Nebraska Children’s Home Society, The Foster CARE Closet and CEDARS Home for Children. Yet, one part of the equation is missing.

We must advocate for the needs of foster children, but the foster parents who care for those children need support, too. However, the community lacked a nonprofit organization that dedicates its efforts solely to providing resources and support to those who impact foster children in unparalleled ways.

Founded in 2017, Nebraska Foster Parent Advocacy Network (NFPAN) seeks to fulfill this need to support foster parents. Through a team approach, NFPAN helps foster parents by organizing communication between Nebraska foster care nonprofits and the parents. This dialogue occurs at NFPAN monthly meetings where foster parents are free to voice concerns about care in a supportive setting.

At NFPAN, we understand the need to obtain information about available resources is critical to successful foster parenting. You can attend our next meeting on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 at the Center Mall, 1941 S 42nd St. #502. You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about how NFPAN helps Nebraska foster parents fulfill children’s needs.

To learn more about foster care, you can read the Nebraska Foster Care Review Office annual report or contact us with further concerns or questions. Parents can ensure the safety, health and happiness of foster children, and NFPAN seeks to secure the success of both parents and children through its services.


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